Our Work

The rapid development of shale gas and oil in the United States has been astonishing, bordering on the unbelievable. Yet skeptics question whether similar revolutionary results can be obtained elsewhere around the world.  They cite geological, social, environmental, and political impediments; the global shale future is paradoxically suffused with both optimism and pessimism.  At Global Shale we believe that both are valid.  There are many traps and pitfalls in the development of shale, and the unwary will fare poorly.  Yet the potential gains are enormous. The key is to learn from the past, both successes and failures, to be both innovative and flexible, to keep business and profitability foremost, to minimize risk while taking full advantage of opportunities.

The shale revolution in the United States was not led by the major oil and gas companies, but by a multitude of small independents, agile companies that could make rapid decisions and move quickly.  The majors were content to let these independents “prove” the plays before they moved in. The result was that the independents often obtained leases at $50 to $100 per acre, and then resold them to the majors at 10-100x cost.  All considered it to be win/win.

Global Shale focuses on opportunities in the early exploration and development phases. We specialize in identifying new and untested plays, and in developing and proving them to the point that the majors are eager to move in. Global Shale is a company that provides its partners with access to the best shale gas innovators in the world.  Early exploration and development is a skill, some would say an art, and one that is essential until a play is proven. We can do this well before anyone else is aware that a specific area has high worth, so that our partners can profit by producing or re-selling the leases once initial exploratory work is done. Although geology is a science, Global Shale views early exploration as a business, and we work to keep risk low.  Future production is identified prior to drilling, and our test wells are not just to see if a play has potential, but to prove viability.