Global Opportunities

According to the US Energy Information Agency, large deposits of shale gas and shale oil can be found around the world.  However it is important to recognize that the EIA assessments, even though they induce general optimism, are based on qualitative analysis of information, and that actual reserves can be substantially different and differently disposed than they claim. The EIA says that major deposits can be found in Mexico, a country that, in August 2014, announced that it was ending the national monopoly of Pemex (Petróleos Mexicanos), and allowing private companies to bid of 80% of prospective resources.  Other countries with extensive shale reserves include Argentina, Algeria (with strategic importance to the European Union), Australia, South Africa, and Brazil.  Many other nations are believed to have lesser but still important and potentially highly profitable reserves.  Global Shale has extensive international experience, and is prepared to work anywhere around the world.