Richard Muller

Professor of Physics at U. Calif. Berkeley,1980-2010. Experimental and theoretical physics, geophysics, and engineering. Founded experimental programs that led to the discovery of dark energy and the non-uniformity of Big Bang; these led to Nobel Prizes for the scientists (Perlmutter, Smoot) he hired to run the two programs. Invented “Accelerator Mass Spectrometry”, now the predominant method used for radiocarbon dating; also widely used in medicine. Co-founded Berkeley Earth, which led to seminal analysis of Global Warming. Member of Jason for 34 years (1972 to 2008), a SWAT team for urgent national security problems (see book “The Jasons” by Ann Finkbeiner); served on its board; studies included advanced energy technology, radiation technology, counter-espionage, counter-terrorism, security of the US Embassy in Moscow, advanced optics, remote sensing. Patents in laser eye protection, remote detection of smuggled currency, medical imaging, 3D TV. Co-founded Muller & Associates. Consultant to BP on enhanced oil recovery, methane hydrate exploitation, pipeline corrosion, cementing of casings. National Academy of Sciences team that discussed arms control with the Soviet Union. Expert witness for Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic and Nintendo. Awards include MacArthur “genius” Prize, National Science Foundation Waterman Award, Poder Business Award for Courage, Texas Instruments Foundation Founders Prize, citation by Newsweek as one of 25 innovators in the US, citation by Foreign Policy Magazine as one of top 100 “Global Thinkers”, citation by Atlantic Magazine as one of 21 “Brave Thinkers”, others. Served on the Board of the Berkeley Geochronology Center, Berkeley Earth, Jason Consulting Group; consultant to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and to various national intelligence organizations; scientific advisory board of the National Ignition Facility (controlled thermonuclear fusion); consultant to many venture capital and private equity groups, including GSR in Beijing (on shale gas potential in China). Wrote advanced text on mathematical analysis of paleoclimate; wrote textbook and 6 popular books, including bestselling “Physics for Future Presidents.” Op-eds in NYTimes, in Wall Street Journal, monthly column on high tech in MIT’s Technology Review. Lectures on YouTube ranked number 3 in world by NYTimes. Many teaching awards, including a citation from UC Berkeley Students for the “Best Class” at Berkeley, and by UC Berkeley as “Distinguished Teacher” and “Unsung Hero.”