Alex Downey

Alex is currently Operations Manager at Roxanna Oil.  He began his career with Roxanna as a consulting GIS specialist in 2006, and joined full time in 2011. He began his training in 2005 while attending Southern Methodist University. He continued this specialized training in GIS at Brookhaven College.  He has completed Oil and Gas Industry courses in ESRI:GIS, Division Orders, Shale Development and Shale Fracturing Fundamentals, Petroleum Geology, several other technical web classes including Petrophysics of Carbonates and Heterogeneity in Carbonate Reservoirs, as well as SMU’s post-graduate level course, “Business of Petroleum Geology”, where Alex received special commendation. In 2007, Alex formed Petroleum GIS, a company specializing in digitizing oil and gas data, creating custom base maps, managing large databases, and analyzing geospatial data for use by related industry professionals. He has been involved in major GIS mapping projects in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Illinois.  Alex currently works at Roxanna Oil as their Operations Manager.