Global Shale addresses the unique challenges of shale gas and oil development by bringing together proven experts in the wide range of issues that need to be addressed: geology, engineering, business, physics, environment, and stakeholder/community engagement.

Our early exploration and development expertise is built on the remarkable record of Marlan Downey and his team; Downey has led oil and gas exploration teams in 62 countries.  His specialty is early recognition of the most profitable shale oil and shale gas opportunities.   He has advised Marathon, Shell, Petrohunt, Matador Resources, and Dubai Petroleum.  A company Marlan founded, Roxanna Oil, holds over 600,000 acres of interests in the USA.  In a recent participation success with Longfellow Oil, Longfellow has drilled nearly 70 horizontal oil wells in the Mississippi Lime and Woodford of Oklahoma, and continues a three-rig program.

Marlan is the former manager of research at Shell, former President of Shell (Pecten) International, and former president of ARCO. He has been cited by the AAPG as “A Living Legend in the Oil and Gas Business”.   Roxanna, the independent oil and gas company he founded, was a leader in early entries to what have now become world-famous shale plays: the Barnett, Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Woodford, New Albany, and others. For many years, Marlan Downey led the research arm of Shell.  His team led the development of many of the techniques that are now an essential part of shale technology, including the measurement of vitrinite reflectivity for the determination of maturity.   Downey continues to work with top engineers and scientists, and is convinced that the extractive efficiency of shale gas and oil can be doubled immediately and at relatively low cost through proper use of science and engineering.  He is also convinced that the efficiency can then be doubled yet again in the next few years.

Also key in the early exploration and development of shale reserves is expertise in technical problem solving. Richard Muller has 34 years of experience as a key member of Jason, a U.S. government scientific “SWAT” team that addressed urgent issues involving national security, from energy technology to counter-terrorism.  He founded and developed two projects that led to major discoveries and Nobel Prizes (for the scientists he selected to lead them). He is the inventor of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, the predominant method for radioisotope dating.  He has also served as a high level scientific consultant to BP on topics ranging from EOR to methane hydrate recovery to advanced methods for the cementing of casings.

Richard and Elizabeth Muller (a father-daughter team) are widely recognized for their achievements and  experience in environmental issues. In 2010 the Mullers created Berkeley Earth (www.BerkeleyEarth.org), an organization that established itself as one of the leaders in the understanding of global warming, air pollution, and ways to mitigate them. Their seminal article, “Why Every Serious Environmentalist Should Favor Fracking” and testimony to the UK parliament helped move that country towards the understanding of the essential environmental benefits of shale gas.  They have received numerous awards for their courageous stand in support of environmental issues.   Richard’s book “Energy for Future Presidents”, written for both the expert and the layman, is widely regarded as an objective and insightful analyses of the broad energy field, covering climate change, alternative energy, nuclear, oil, and the breaking shale revolution.

Elizabeth Muller has extensive expertise in stakeholder and community engagement.  She has worked with the governments of over 30 countries to forge successful team efforts on tricky technological and social challenges, and to anticipate and counter what could otherwise have been debilitating conflicts.   Her successful approach is critically important in the volatile world of shale, where deep concerns about the environment and excitement about potential benefits often find themselves in conflict.

Jamie Borwick brings a successful British business and engineering background to the team.  For the last year he has been a member of the House of Lords, but has many years of experience negotiating planning permissions to get the support of local communities for property developments.

Global Shale offers a unique and essential combination of expertise in early shale exploration and development, understanding of the environmental issues that are unique to shale, and experience in understanding the skeptics and opponents, respecting them, and knowing how to address their complaints in a objective and compelling way.